Issue 4 of Kerry Magazine is Here!

Happy day! Issue 4 of Kerry Magazine has arrived! Ooh!!! It is soooooo good!

Issue 4 features female entrepreneurs sharing their businesses, tips, and what makes them feel feminine and fierce.

Also included in this issue:

  • Dear Nancy Jo – advice column
  • Sounds Like Chakra – a guide to the chakras and sound healing
  • The He(Art) of a Personal Practice
  • Artist Feature: Shari Mallinson

Working to create victory and hope.

This week you are going to meet Jamie Tinkle. She is one of the moms of a child with special needs that was featured on the cover and in the cover story of the latest issue. Jamie has been all over the country looking for answers and finding them for her daughter. She very much believes that it “takes a village” and she is grateful to have found one. I hope it makes you happy that women like Jamie are celebrated here at Kerry Magazine.

A special needs mom shares her struggles and triumphs in relation to autismWorking to create victory and hope.

  • written by Jamie Tinkle

I always feel honored when I get to tell our story because it’s not really my story to tell. Our daughter, Adalynn, is the main character. Adalynn is now 8-years-old and she is in 2nd grade. Just before she turned three she received her first developmental diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). CAS is a neurological motor speech disorder where children have problems saying sounds, syllables, and words due to the brain having problems planning to move the lips, jaw, tongue etc., needed for speech.

When our daughter was diagnosed with CAS, she could not say any words or even make a sound. The fears of the unknown were numerous. Would she ever talk, have friends, would she be able to tell us what she wants or what she did at school, would others accept her?

When Addy was diagnosed with CAS, she quickly began speech therapy twice a day and five days a week. After years of going to speech therapy, I am thrilled to say that our daughter’s apraxia of speech is resolved. She continues to struggle with fluency of speech, some articulation and social delays, but she is a chatty little girl who used to be silent for so many years.

Along our journey over the past five years, Adalynn has received many more labels associated with the spectrum of symptoms and behavior observed by professionals, teachers, therapists, and doctors. The Development Pediatricians labeled her Developmentally Delayed, the psychologists and behaviorists called it Autism Spectrum Disorder, Occupational Therapists called it Sensory Processing Disorder, Physical Therapy called it motor coordination disorder, many professionals and teachers labeled her with ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. We traveled the country going to experts and doing intensive therapy.

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A special needs mom shares her struggles and triumphs in relation to autism

Later in her story Jamie talks about the importance of self-care in her life:

Part of my truth that I have learned through this chapter of our life is, heal yourself and you will heal your child. I’ve never been particularly good at slowing down and really taking care of myself. And that struggle to focus on myself and believe I matter was quickly consumed with Addy’s needs when she was born and continued grow. Taking time to take care of myself so I can take care of Addy is incredibly important and incredibly hard.  

This last part is the main reason this magazine exists. To empower women and to help them feel beautiful as they are right now. Both inside and out.

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Photography by Kristina Chartier

Makeup by The Sparkle Bar

Full Moon Yoga & New Moon Intentions

When you step away from your calendar and lists of “todos” to pay attention to the cycles of the moon it allows room for magic to enter your life and increases your ability to connect with something much larger than yourself.

I have been teaching Full Moon Yoga classes each month for the past year and want to start incorporating this into my work online and the magazine. The next one is Wednesday, May 10th in Scottsdale, AZ. Click here for more details.

There is a powerful New Moon tonight and I wanted to share a bit about how you could honor yourself and connect to the moon’s cycle over the next 4 weeks.

New Moon

Tonight’s new moon is in Taurus which is an earth sign. Take a moment to go outside tonight (or in the next 3 days) and relax. Maybe 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Notice the air, the sky, the ground. Ask yourself if there is an intention that you would like to set for the next month. Maybe it is a way of being, doing more or less of something, or even drawing something into your life like more love or career opportunities. Write this intention down and also speak it out if you desire.

Waxing Moon

During this phase of the moon growing, take some time to imagine how it would feel if your intention was a reality in your life and also take action on making it a reality.

monthly full moon yoga classes held in Scottsdale, AZ

Full Moon

The 3 days before and the 3 days after the full moon are a wonderful time to release things that are not serving you or your intention. That is why I LOVE teaching yoga classes at this time because moving the body helps us release so much stress and tension plus unexpressed emotions that we have been holding onto. You can try sitting comfortably (outside under the full moon is possible!), focus on your breath for a while, do some shoulder rolls, then say silently or aloud “I release anything that is no longer serving me and I welcome all resources and guidance to bring my intention to life.” You might enjoy gazing at the Full Moon and allowing your mind to relax. Notice if any insight comes and how you might feel lighter and happier.

Waning Moon

This is a great time to express gratitude for your life just as it is right now and thank the universe for any guidance. Allow yourself to receive your intention into your life. It might also be nice to slow down and relax a bit more during this phase. Honor your efforts.

Moving forward. You can create a new intention on the next New Moon or refocus and adjust your intention from the previous one. (This cycle includes the New Moon on April 26th, the Full Moon on May 10th, and then next New Moon occurring on May 25th.)

I hope you journey on the the moon’s cycle with me this month and look forward to seeing you at my Full Moon Yoga class. If you wish for me to share more ways to enjoy the moon’s phases please pop a comment below or email me at

p.s. Little known fact: I am a Certified Lunar Mystic. Getting out of my head and in touch with the phases of the moon has helped me appreciate myself, others, and the world around me so much more.


Learning, loving, and never giving up.

This week you are going to meet Jenn Bare. She is one of the moms of a child with special needs that was featured on the cover and in the cover story of the latest issue. Jenn’s persistence and listening to her intuition has helped her numerous times on this journey. I promise you will be inspired. Again, I hope it makes you happy that women like Jenn are celebrated here at Kerry Magazine.

 Learning, loving, and never giving up.

  • written by Jenn Bare

I have two beautiful children – Bali, age 8 and Maverick, age 3. Maverick was recently diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome.

After a healthy pregnancy, Maverick was born at 39 weeks. The next day, our pediatrician came to visit Maverick in the hospital and heard a heart murmur. He ordered an echocardiogram and it was determined that Maverick had a flappy valve, and 3 other minor heart abnormalities. I’m happy to report that as of summer 2016, all have been resolved! This was just the first of many abnormalities that we would start to notice as our son started to grow and develop. A small head circumference coupled with missed developmental milestones (like sitting) led to visits with more doctors than I could count and more answers of “wait and see” than I cared to hear. It wasn’t until we visited Dr. Theresa Grebe and then Dr. Philip James in Genetics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital that we really felt that someone understood our need for answers.

Finally, someone was going to stop at nothing to help us understand what all the puzzle pieces of our child added up to. After two rounds of genetic testing (including Whole Exome Sequencing) we received a diagnosis for Maverick.

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Later in her story Jenn talks about how the photoshoot made her feel:

The photoshoot felt amazing! It had been a while since I had my makeup done for a photoshoot and it felt great. I wore this bright pink lipstick – something I wouldn’t normally wear. It felt so bold and powerful. Isn’t it funny how lipstick can do that?! It was great to meet other moms of special kids and to hear their stories. 

I really had to hold back the tears a few times. Each and every mom at the photoshoot was a strong, resilient woman and beautiful inside and out. I feel blessed to be included with such a strong group of ladies.

This last part is the main reason this magazine exists. To empower women and to help them feel beautiful as they are right now. Both inside and out.

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A beautiful story about a mom with a special needs boy who has Leigh Syndrome.

Photography by Kristina Chartier

Makeup by The Sparkle Bar

You have already made a positive impact on the world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the real you was both celebrated and supported for just wanting to be a catalyst for positive change or even having dreams in the first place?

While the world needs positive change and dream chasers what the world often forgets is that you, as you are at this moment, are amazing. You always have been.

You have already made a positive impact on the world.

Maybe you have felt lost at times. Confused. That is okay. Maybe what you need right now is rest. Maybe you need clarity on the next step to take.

Either way, Kerry Magazine, is here to help you do both.

Whether you are looking for a sanctuary, a mirror, a mentor, or a shift – you will find that here.

Maybe you don’t know what you are looking for. Allow the experience of reading Kerry Magazine move you. Relax you. Inspire you. Possibly even bring you to tears. All of those things help bring the real you to the surface. Let it happen.

Then notice how you feel. Maybe generous, brave, joyful, peaceful, authentic, inspired, compelled, sentimental, happy. Notice what you feel called to do. Is it move your body, paint, travel, write, share your story, sleep, pause, cook, shop, journal, smile, call someone, or something else? Let go and allow the next step to emerge.

Smile and know that you are not alone. Just by reading one issue of Kerry Magazine you have connected with at least one soul who yearns to be seen as beautiful and amazing just for being her.

Know that this awareness can cause you to focus more on what makes your heart smile. Whether those are quiet periods of solitude or big bold actions or bit of both enjoy them. Know that they are the desires of your heart and soul that too often have been ignored.

Slow down, tune in, and move forward in the direction of your heart.

You are supported and celebrated.

Xo, Kerry

Giving my all as an advocate and mother.

Today you are going to meet Nakesha Lee. She is one of the moms of a child with special needs that was featured on the cover and in the cover story of the latest issue. Nakesha’s daughter has Sickle Cell Anemia and has been in and out of the hospital since birth. Her story has positive moments and dramatic moments. Nakesha’s attitude will surely warm your heart. I love that women like Nakesha are celebrated here at Kerry Magazine.

Giving my all as an advocate and mother.

  • written by Nakesha Lee

My daughter, Christina, is 10-years-old and was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth. I remember that day so vividly. I remember covering her to protect her from the cold the day I brought her home, having no idea that within 24 hours I would be taking my daughter back to the hospital to watch her lay helplessly in a hospital bed.  

She had jaundice at birth which resulted in me discovering her sickle cell. Sickle Cell is a blood disorder where the red blood cells sickle and become abnormal causing difficulty to flow through the blood stream.  

Sickle Cell Anemia can cause many serious medical conditions which include severe pain crises, strokes, acute chest syndrome, major organs being affected, and, the one thing I never want my child to experience, death.

My husband and I have dealt with her Sickle Cell for the past 10 years, for as long as we’ve been married. We have watched Christina go through severe pain. We watched her have strokes at ages three and five when she was hospitalized for three months. We watched her recover from brain surgery. I remember that day. It’s been five years now. My daughter was having brain surgery and to even say it now brings chills because I thought my daughter was going to die. I thought at 5-years-old her life was ending because my faith in God was not there. I often asked Him why is she going through this horrific disease. A disease where people don’t support us. There were not any organizations to reach out to in our neighborhood. I was mad, angry, hurt, and scared.  

June 8th, 2011 she went through her brain surgery and there were complications. She had a stroke and was bleeding inside her brain. 

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Later in her story Nakesha mentions what helps her the most:

“When things get tough, remember that your love will carry you through the most difficult seasons of your life.”

This last part is one of the reasons this magazine exists. To help women share their story and be a light for other women.

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Let’s collaborate!

My intention is that each issue of Kerry Magazine feels like a huge does of self-care. That you feel relaxed, beautiful, supported, and inspired by the time you reach the last page. I don’t accomplish this alone. Each issue has been created by a group of positive women and I am hoping you will join in the fun!

There are more than a few ways for us to work together so I have created a whole Collaborate page with all of the details. The image below is a sneak peek.

Hop on over to the new Collaborate page to discover the perfect way for us to work together. I can’t wait!